Born on April 27th 1997, Yuni Wa is a multi genre Producer and DJ from Little Rock, Arkansas. Yuni Wa is short for “Yunibasaru” which means universal a name he gave himself for being able to make so many different types of music. Painting vivid pictures with his abstract and as he calls it “yunibasaru sound” ranging from Hip Hop, Trap, Electronic, House, Pop, Rock, Future Bass and Drum And Bass he puts an emphasis on releasing diverse quality music. Being surrounded by music his whole life he started making music at the age of 13 and now at the age of 20 he has already made big accomplishments, two of them being his acclaimed Dance songs “All About You’ that has over 400,000 views on Youtube, and “So 1989” with over 1,000,000 and also has a notable producer credit for “The God Father Is Here” by Chris Travis that has over 1,800,000 listens on Soundcloud. He has released more than 30 projects since 2014 and has been nominated for best Electronic Artist/ DJ in the 2017 Black Apple Awards and has performed at the first ever Central Arkansas Music Awards where he was nominated for best Electronic Artist/ DJ again. He was named one of the visionary Arkansans for the year of 2017 by the Arkansas Times and also has been nominated for best Music Producer by the Black And Gifted Blog. 

Yuni Wa’s music is a manifestation of many emotions. Pain, love , joy, despair, ect they are all put into melodies, drums all types of unique sounds creating a strong connection and feeling of understanding. As if all aspects of existence were put into one frequency organized in a fashion meant to strike deep and stick with people eternally.

Within the sounds Yuni Wa creates lives every waking moment experienced. Inspiration is constantly derived from Yuni’s immediate environment, collectively shaping a waveform that is completely personal and impersonal at the same time. Yuni Wa serves as a reservoir where the daily human experience is translated from one wave to another able to be interpreted and absorbed in a concentrated form and relived at will through pressing a play button, when you listen to Yuni Wa you are hearing the blueprint to human emotion.