Yuni Wa – My First Flight – Read Here

Yuni Wa is officially underway and I’m on my first plane flight ever! Man, shit was crazy because for years I had a fear of heights and of flying. It felt weird to face my fear head on but at the same time, there is a genuine sense of accomplishment that followed. To be able to look over the clouds and see the land reminded me of how special the experience of life truly is and it reminded me of why I became a musician. Life is too special and short to be afraid of venturing out and going after your dreams. This is a huge moment in my life and career!

I’ve been making music since I was 13, and I’ve always dreamed of this day. I’ve spent many nights awake with my mind racing, spent nights putting in countless hours to create music that means something to me and now it’s taking me somewhere! I have no idea what may come of this, but for now, I am very grateful. I always try to remain in a state of gratitude. Things can always be worse, ya know?

I’m flying to Orlando to stay with my manager for the next couple of weeks to make a push on everything I’m doing. We have a lot we are working on, and I’m so excited to be able to share everything with you all! Keep checking in with me as I’m going to be doing some fan contests, giving away free music, launching merch, and you can also expect some new music on the way from me in 2019. We are preparing to take off so I have to get ready to hit that airplane mode! I’ll check in with you soon. I’ll be logging my adventures here, as well as updating you new Yuni Wa music as well as giving away free music and dropping new merch soon.

In the meantime, check out my music catalog here: Follow me on Spotify

Peace, for now, Yuniverse.







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